Cashmere Kani Scarf - Dark Blue Vine

This fabulous Cashmere Kani Scarf is designed and woven in Kashmir, India, the birthplace of cashmere. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalaya, Kashmir is the original source for cashmere, hence the name, that was then exported to colonial Britain. Kashmir became famous for its soft materials as well as its rich designs and patterns.

This beautiful design is called 'kani,' a style that originated hundreds of years ago in Kashmir. It is rich with flowers, paisley and other distinctive designs and is woven with soft and cozy Himalayan cashmere. Each scarf is unique and they come in elegant colors and designs. The stitching can be seen on the backside.

We have many styles and colors, so please see them all and find the perfect one for you! 

Size: 200 x 70 cm (79' x 27.5') sizes may vary slightly

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