High on the Tibetan Plateau, rugs are used very differently than in many parts of the world. Rather than putting them on the floor, rugs are ubiquitous in Tibetan culture and have countless numbers of uses. The predominant size is called a khaden (approximately 170cm x 90cm), and is used as a cushion for a bed to warm up cold nights, or as a cushion to sit on during the days. Still others are used in monasteries for monks and lamas as prayer rugs and throne back-rests, or wrapped around the pillars of a monastery to bring charm to these spiritual spaces. These ecclesiastical rugs are usually yellow, orange or red in color. Still more rugs are woven for equestrian purposes given the predominance of horses on the plateau. These include numerous styles of saddle rugs as well as horse blankets.

At Mahakala Fine Arts we go straight to the source and utilize our extensive network in the Himalaya region, as well as go to small villages ourselves, looking to uncover treasures. What you see in our collection are some of the finest examples of antique Tibetan rugs that you will find on the market. All are handmade and unique works of Tibetan art, perfect for a collector or anyone looking to add the perfect centerpiece to their homes.

Enjoy a beautiful piece of Tibetan history and culture in your home.