Fine Art

Through the centuries, art in the Himalaya has predominantly been religious. This art can still be found on the walls of ancient Buddhist monasteries from Tibet to Bhutan, Mustang to Ladakh, as well as on canvas. These paintings on canvas are called paubha in Nepal and thangka or thanka in Tibet. Originating in northern India, where the Buddha was enlightened and taught the Dharma, the art slowly moved northward to Nepal with famous teachers and lamas. After being blocked by the Himalaya, the art moved westward from the Kathmandu Valley to northern India and then through deep valleys into Tibet. As the art moved and the ages passed, different styles emerged.

Mahakala Fine Arts supports the finest artists from across the Himalaya to share their traditional, yet ever-changing, art form. We proudly sell these artists' original paintings as well as Collector's Edition prints. Additionally, Mahakala Fine Arts donates a portion of all print sales to social programs in the Himalaya. Please join us!