100% Natural Pashmina Shawl

These amazing Natural Pashmina shawls are handmade from the finest quality cashmere in the world. The famed Pashmina, or Changthangi, goat was at the heart of the cashmere trade that started centuries ago in Kashmir where 'pashmina' literally translates to 'soft gold." Cashmere is made in many places around the world. The secret to pashmina is that it only comes from this special goat that lives high in the Ladakhi Himalaya. 

Today, these light brown and cream goats wander the high elevations of the Indian Himalaya with their 'Changpa' herders. After spending the winter above 13,500 feet, they bring their goats down to the valleys in the summer and comb out the under fleece from their herds. The herders sell the raw pashmina to specialized craftsmen who comb, spin and weave the fibre by hand using traditional methods.

Our natural pashmina shawls are 100% pashmina and the color is all natural. These authentic pashmina shawls will add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe! 

Size: 220 x 105 cm (87" x 41")

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