Women's Handmade Indigo Sarouel Pants - Dots

Are they pants or a skirt? Both...perhaps! These flowing sarouel pants look like a long skirt, but are sewn at the bottom and have two leg holes. The fabulous design and the luxurious natural modal fabric will make these your favorite pants in your wardrobe. 

Handmade by artisans at our studio in Rajasthan, the natural modal fabric is incredibly soft and breathes, making them ideal for warm weather and relaxed days. Pair with white or black top and you have a perfect outfit for a day of making memories.  

The beauty of these comfortable pants is the handmade dabu printing. Dabu is an age-old process that has been perfected over generations in India. A local mud mixture is hand printed onto the plain modal cloth using wood block prints and left to dry. The cloth is then dipped into the natural indigo vat, where the area with the mud resists the dye, and the rest is colored a beautiful blue. After washing, the secret is revealed. Part of the beauty of dabu fabric lies in fact that each block is placed by the artisan’s hand - what is left behind is an imprint of the personality and character of the blockprinter. Slight variations are to be celebrated.

Fabric: 100% Natural Modal

Size: These flowing pants are roomy and the elastic waistband provides a relaxed fit. Two pockets in the front. 

Colors: These pants come in a variety of colors and patterns so please see all of them in the 'Bottoms' section.

Care: Fabrics with indigo tend to transfer color. We recommend washing separately before first usage to remove any surface dyes. Ongoing, gentle machine wash with similar colors in cold water. Dry in low to medium heat.

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