Akshobhaya Buddha by Lok Chitrakar

This work by celebrated artist Lok Chitrakar is of Akshobhaya, who is often called the Immovable Buddha because he is immovable in his vow to never feel anger or disgust toward another being. This beautiful paubha, or thangka, is one in a series of the Five Dhyani, or Wisdom, Buddhas. The Five Dhanyi Buddhas each represent a different aspect of enlightened consciousness to aid in spiritual transformation. This stunning piece displays Chitrakar’s mastery of the 13th-16th century Newar Design style through its precise lines and use of traditional iconography.

Mahakala Fine Arts has produced this Collector's Edition print so that you can collect this museum quality work of art. This print is limited to a series of 100. They are printed on thick archival paper in the same quality used by top museums worldwide.

With your 50 cm (20 inch) print you will receive an authentication card, numbered and signed by the artist using his Nepali mark.

Mahakala Fine Arts donates a portion of all print sales to social programs in the Himalaya.

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