Maitreya by Mukti Singh Thapa

This work by master artist Mukti Singh Thapa is of Maitreya, the future Buddha. It is believed that Maitreya is the successor to the present Buddha, Shakyamuni, and will appear on Earth, achieve enlightenment and teach the dharma. The piece displays Maitreya sitting on his golden throne under a garuda-topped torana, giving a prayer to his followers. Ratnasambava Buddha is depicted in the top left corner. 

This stunning painting displays Thapa's mastery of the 13th - 16th century Newar Design style through its rich color palette, precise lines, and use of traditional iconography while clearly expressing his artistic freedom and creativity.

This original thangka, or paubha in Nepal, is painted in the traditional style with mineral pigments on primed cotton canvas. The gold elements, such as Maitreya's crown and jewelry, are painted with 24K gold. If you are interested, please email for more information.

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