Rakta Yamari by Mukti Singh Thapa

This striking painting by master artist Mukti Singh Thapa depicts Rakta Yamari. This stunning piece displays Thapa's mastery of the Tibetan style through its beautiful colors, precise lines and traditional iconography.  

This painting is part of Mukti's 'Early Collection' and was completed in 1991 when the artist's work was just gaining international acclaim. As with all of the artist's work, it is painted in the traditional manner with mineral pigments, crushed by hand, on primed cotton canvas. The rich red is cinnabar. The gold crown and other ornaments are painted painstakingly with 24 carat gold.

The original thangka, or paubha, painting has sold. If you are interested in another original painting from our extensive collection, please email Mahakala@MahakalaFineArts.com

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