Royal Embroidered Cashmere Scarf (Many varieties)

The elegant Royal Embroidered Cashmere Scarf is a masterpiece of Kashmiri artistry. Nestled in the foothills of the Indian Himalaya, Kashmir is the original source for cashmere, hence the name, that was then exported to colonial Britain. Kashmir became famous for its soft materials as well as its rich designs and patterns.

This scarf is made from the soft hair of high altitude goats from the Indian Himalaya and woven into a diamond patter. These famed goat were at the heart of the cashmere trade that started centuries ago in Kashmir.

In addition to the premium cashmere, the highlight of this scarf is the silk hand embroidery. The embroidery is sewn by needle and takes weeks for a skilled Kashmiri artisan to complete. Lastly, each scarf is signed by the artisan in silk thread as a seal of authenticity.

Size: 206 x 75 cm (81' x 29') sizes may vary slightly

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