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Welcome to Mahakala Fine Arts  A few years ago, we quit our jobs, got married and journeyed through India, Nepal, and Bhutan for 8 months on our honeymoon. Among many adventures, we studied yoga in Rishikesh, meditated in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal, attended the Paro Tsechu festival in Bhutan and met the King and Queen, and went trekking in the wild restricted area of Mustang. We mixed mineral pigments with artists, learned from reincarnated lamas, and shared Himalayan trails with yaks.

Upon our return, we started Mahakala Fine Arts to share our adventures and the treasures that we found along the way. We started with Himalayan jewelry, authentic cashmere scarves from India, and antique Tibetan rugs.

Following the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, we partnered with Nepal’s foremost traditional artist, Mukti Singh Thapa, to raise funds in support of the earthquake recovery. We subsequently added the art gallery to our business, and continue to direct a portion of the proceeds toward helping needy children in the Himalaya.

Since our honeymoon, we have explored many new places and continue to seek out new adventures, experiences, and special treasures to add to Mahakala Fine Arts’ collection.

Mahakablog will share the wonderful stories we encounter along the way.

We invite you to join us!

Stephen & Candy

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Rajendra R. Bajracharya
Rajendra R. Bajracharya

November 26, 2016

What a new Good Life started with Good Job .Keep it up ! We always looking forward to hear you.

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